Lost a game, but made a new friend today

FF FW game started just like any other - oh boy someone ranked 5000+, maybe I can get a win......uh oh - SP/KF - good thing I have a skull of decay

looks good to start out with, then out pops an Angel(not SP), and it gets clay formed... hmm, maybe not a noobie_after_all

Still looks good, out comes Serkan - I don't think he's ever died in DoW, so this will be easy....

hmm, out comes every single x2 good exo spells and champs for KF/SP.... At least the UT is making lots of nora for me, awesome, and CoS gets 100 hp top start! Well lets see what insidious plan he hatched to take on my innocent little band of FW.

(insert screen cap I forgot to take of his Angels not quite dying, Cyclops Chief getting Grimlics mirror twice, x2 RE, etc, etc....)

Plus had some fun chat the whole time - he really was that good, estimate that his bg cost $4066.67.... Not sure how he's getting so many games in when the game took about 45 minutes and I was playing fast and not dragging it out other then the chatting, which I mostly typed on his turns.

uh oh, he's so good he's telling me when he wants to win by, guess I better let him...

Did finally kill one angel, but it was too little too late.

Well lets go see his real ranknow(as apperantly ranking happens at midnight) and who he's an alt for since he wouldn't tell me in chat...... and he is revealed:

its LordSerkan proving you can go from level 5000+ to level 441 in 2 days!!!!

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