Is it monster drop day on the single player maps? New FW champs versus hoppin mad.

Just playing thru hopping mad to try out the new FW champs,didn't get a Serkan though :-(

The other ones seems pretty good - I feel like UD, doing all that damage.

But finish the last map - and 2 exo frags drop!

Eternal Lich - pretty fun - good range - didn't have one die yet to see it respan
Ethereal Soldier - awesome new beater - we don't have to sit back building up a CoS, just run this guy out and start hittin and hexin
Utterdark Spectre - like the 1-2 range - everyone had a destealth button once he was out there that didn't seem to do anything. He did quite a bit of damage when all the frogs were stealthed
Ghost Pendant - like it - when my Spectral Emissary dropped it, it immediately cursed the elite frogs all around him

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