Fixed a Beholder lich from Unhallowed

Eye is made out of crayola modeling foam(bright red), tried to give the eye kind of a soft squishy sickly look. Painted it undead green, then lined with yellow india ink, then a slight dry brush with black, the middle part of the eye is black with a few hints of green. Edge of eye and hightlights on the body is green india ink. Painted in the gouges with reddish brown india ink. sealed up with glossy sealer(haven't been able to find any flat sealer with the (AP) label). Maybe not quite as sick as I'd like, but not too bad. It's always bothered me, a beholder without the eye, cause the whole point of the beholder is the eye. It now sits on the shelf next to snowball


Shandar the Ashen said...

I think that the reason the Lich has no eye is that for a beholder to become a mage, they must purposely blind their big central eye because it's power is anti-magic. Therefore, a lich being an undead form of a wizard, it probably wouldn't have an eye.

This makes a great beholder zombie or a Death Tyrant, though, and I am thinking about following your steps in order to create exactly such a beastie for my collection.

quorthon13 said...

thanks - glad you like it. Ya, its probably not much of a mage at this point. ;-)